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Redefining the Way 

to date

Your agenda does not allow you meet the man or woman you want to spend the rest of your life with? No problem, we are here to help and guide you through the process. Our goal is your happiness.

Meet the team

We believe in the traditional face to face approach. We arrange for you to meet with an experienced member of our dedicated team of discreet matchmakers to discuss your requirements in detail, and for us to explain how we work

Global Managing Director


Walter Benjamin, Laura-Hamilton,matchmaking services, nyc, matchmaker, nyc, elite singles
Sophie, Laura-Hamilton,matchmaking services, nyc, matchmaker, nyc, elite singles


Client Services

Debbie, Laura-Hamilton,matchmaking services, nyc, matchmaker, nyc, elite singles


Client Services

Jessica, Laura-Hamilton,matchmaking services, nyc, matchmaker, nyc, elite singles
Catherine,Walter Benjamin, Laura-Hamilton,matchmaking services, nyc, matchmaker, nyc, elite singles


Managing Director

Los Angeles California area -                 New York Usa



Our Journey So Far



Ever since September 1995, we have been doing our very best to bring interesting people together whose lives are too busy to meet new people and develop a meaningful relationship. Our matchmaking method is unique and has success rate of around 90%. During the 12-month program, we will help you to open up to a world of possibilities and meet new, interesting people.



A pro active approach and unique to find your  soulmate. The Agency relies on its membership roster, alliance matchmaking and as a heart hunter. Only at Laura Hamilton International exclusive matchmaking. 

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To determine who you are? you expect your wishes We offer 2 ways to contact us either by phone or by mail. First contact, does not commit you in any way.It is a first step to get to know you, then if you wish we will send a questionnaire that you can complete at your convenience.You can also meet us without obligation. After receiving your questionnaire, we will study your case seriously and rigorously.The questionnaire, will allow us to build your profile this is not a subscription.

After a positive study of your file it seems possible to introduce you to people and include you in our network of profile analysis you will be able to register at Laura Hamilton International.


Once registered and your payment confirmed, you become a privileged member and we will agree a way of contact, the most convenient way is e-mail since it allow easy communication without disturbingyou at all times. You will receive your first draft quickly by secure mail, with a full description of a suitable partner.If this proposal interests you, we will offer your profile to that person.If there is a mutual agreement, we will put you both contact with each other.Afterwords we will leave things to fate.


Feedback from you will be required to know how things worked out, in order that we can continue our search for your suitable partner in case of non-satisfaction or hesitation.There is no quota of dating.Our satisfaction is your satisfaction.We will work together to bring you happiness.

To validate your registration, simply fill out an application and return it to us completed and signed.The next stage is to contact us to arrange an interview (the interview lasts about one hour) skype, zoom. 

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